Theragun Review - The Best Ergonomic Massage Gun

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Theragun is a sleek handheld massage gun that is known for being elegant looking. It has a unique triangular shape that is quite different from its competitors, and has an ergonomic adjustable head to reach your own back.

How Does The Theragun Work?

The percussion therapy action of the Theragun vibrates at a specific frequency that loosens up the muscles groups that tighten during a workout. When the muscles loosen up, the soreness releases, too. While Theragun definitely eases the soreness, it does not eliminate entirely.

It is recommended to use the Theragun for around 2-5 minutes only while focusing on a specific muscle group for 30 seconds.

Is the Theragun worth the buck?

We think so, yes. If you currently suffer from the occasional muscle ache and have extra money to shell out the Theragun can give you substantial relief. However, all massage guns are only temporary solutions to your muscle needs. Depending on your physical therapeutic needs, you may need the Theragun in combination with other forms of therapy.

Overall, anyone who experiences muscle soreness can greatly benefit from the Theragun. For people who exercise often and have an active lifestyle, the Theragun massage gun is a good addition to the routine, before, during, and after a workout.

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