How To Use Your New Massage Gun

A massage gun, no matter what brand it is, is intuitive and easy to use on yourself. Remember just three steps to use: Point, Press, Drill.

After purchasing your new massage gun, keep in mind these few basic tips on how to use it. Start by turning it on, which will trigger the pulsating action of the gun. Then hover the head of the massage gun on the target muscle part that aches or you want to loosen up. You need not press hard on the muscle part as the massage gun already does its magic with its pulses. Move the massage gun slowly along the muscle parts. Enjoy the massage.

You may use the massage gun before a workout, during a workout, and after a workout. The benefits of using the massage gun before a workout is it can be part of your warmup. The massage gun will increase blood flow in the target muscle, prepping your body for the workout. During the workout, you can also use the massage gun in between sets to loosen up a bit to get ready for the next set. After the workout, the massage gun will help you rest and relax into recovery mode.

Always remember to use the massage gun on the fleshy part of the muscle and not near the joints. Test and try what feels good for you and rip the benefits of massage gun therapy overtime!

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